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Carlson: We've developed this special equipment.
The Sticky Cameras of the Splinter Cell series are either launched by the Grenade Launcher under Sam's rifle or, in later games, thrown by hand.
And this tape recorder actually conceals a hidden camera!
Films Live-Action, the, james Bond series is big on this: In, on Her Majesty's Secret Service, Bond uses a small camera to take snap shots of a map that shows where the "Angels Of Death" are to release a biological agent.The car leaps into life and rolls to between her feet as the camera angles.The girls soon discover the camera and get back at them by staging an incident where they violently knock out Kazu to scare them into telling Dean Rivers about it while subsequently revealing their ploy.Still the kingsmen use their augmented sex after a liver transplant virtual reality spectacles to record footage of the villain's location.Alternatively, the camera is not concealed at all but its small size enables it to be carried around and operated by the.Video Games The camera beard in Team Fortress 2 parodies this by being incredibly obvious and bulky.(It is being controlled by nerds in Japan.) Zoey 101 : In "Webcam Logan and Michael give the girls a giant teddy bear with a camera inside to learn their secrets and reveal them to the school.Licence to Kill : A laser gun online sex acts is disguised as the flash on a Polaroid.Bond uses the device at a Zorin's party to covertly take photographs of each of his guests.

Then he punches Strong Sad in the face, and Strong Bad watches the video feed.
Peggy isn't any more impressed when she develops the film and finds out how Stark has been using the camera.
In Roman Holiday, the two reporters use a camera hidden in a cigarette lighter to take pictures of the princess without her noticing.The ambassador claims that the spy camera was planted.Why not just take pictures with the camera and record with the recorder?On NewsRadio, Lisa has to win back Bill's contract in a poker game.One of these detects Dash and Violet, and sounds an alarm when they fail to authenticate themselves.Comic Books, films Animation, in Pixar's, the Incredibles, the Villain can monitor Nomanisan Island with surveillance cameras disguised as tropical birds.Then he holds the loaf of bread up to his eye to take pictures with.